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Fast fashion wants us to buy more, to buy cheaper, to consume faster. This is not our philosophy.

We believe in high quality, sustainable consumption and garments you can love for a long time.

Buy Less

Make a conscious decision as a consumer.

Love the garment, wear the garment, mend the garment. Choose to make it last.

Make It Last

Follow the care label. Wash less. Skip the dryer.

Second Life

The journey of your garment does not end when you stop wearing it.

Tonnes of clothes are thrown away each year - don't let yours be one of them. Textile waist is a huge issue, and when not recycled properly most of it ends up in landfills. 


Love them, pass them on.

Jun-i makes this easy for you - give them back to us.

Once you have loved your Jun-i garment to the end, send them back to us for a 30% discount on your next purchase. We will make sure that your garment is passed on to where it can live a second life.

Email us to find out how.