What is Fairtrade? And why does it matter?

Short version - Fairtrade labelling is all about the people, and making sure people, including farmers and workers, are being treated as well as possible. It’s a way of addressing sustainability by making sure the production process is as fair and sustainable as possible. Similar to a workers’ union, workers and farmers are supported to avoid exploitation in the manufacturing process.

This basically means working towards fair prices to farmers, create decent working conditions and creating fair trading terms for farmers and workers mainly located in the developing world. Sounds exactly how it should be if you ask us!

Fairtrade fashion is still relatively new (while you are probably already buying fairtrade coffee, bananas and chocolate) - Fairtrade labelling for cotton wasn’t introduced until 2005. This is also the only fairtrade labelling as for yet relevant to the fashion industry, so you can imagine there is still a long way to go! Since the introduction of Fairtrade cotton, Fairtrade’s goal has been to also address the unsafe and unfair labour conditions in cotton processing and textile production factories.

In 2016, Fairtrade introduced the new Fairtrade Textile Standard and Programme to reach people at all stages of textile production chains – from seed cotton to finished textile products, read more about it here.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2018 is running from 26th February until 11th March, you can read more and get involved here.

Did you know all Jun-i hoodies are made of Fairtrade organic cotton? You can browse and shop here.

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