We are exchanging words with our latest ambassador - Rada, founder of thriftsheep.com.

Tell us briefly about yourself, and your platform :) What made you start your blog?

I’m Rada. A vegan athlete, blogger, writer, NGO enthusiast, International relations student, and who knows what else. I created my blog thriftsheep.com almost 2 years ago. I’ve met so many people since then, some of them which I now call friends.

It may sound like a cliche but I wanted to change the prejudice around me, people’s conservativeness and to stand out with a new type of blogger’s point of view.

I collect everything sheepy because sheep is my favourite animal, so Thrift Sheep, my nick name is just a cute word game.

Tell us about your interest for sustainable fashion - how did you first get in to it, and what motivates you?

I’ve been thrift hunting all my life with my mum, there have even been times when I was ashamed to tell people that. Then I realised that I have a lot to say and advice to give when it comes to eco friendly life, sustainability and creativeness. And it feels good! Some keep writing me, sending me photos of their hauls, or just asking how to keep the cycle and to be part of the reuse-reduce-recycle and zero waste way of life.

Who inspires you in the world of ethical and sustainable fashion?

Firstly, my mom! <3 I keep talking to local enthusiasts and mountaineers who believe in fair fashion and life. If I have to pick out some names, definitely Bea Johnson, Mamalina, Sarah Tyau, Rob from Vino Kilo. Jun-i is my latest discovery! ;)https://www.instagram.com/vinokilo/

What is your biggest obstacle when it comes to sustainable fashion, and how do you overcome them?

Well, I never know what to wear, honestly! I keep detoxing my wardrobe from time to time, recycling, upcycling and charity donating but I costs me a lot of effort myself to choose only the best pieces for my wardrobe.

And as I said, I'm proud that my steps inspire others. Changing people’s around me and my reader’s perspective on fashion is a thing, indeed. In Bulgaria it is a matter of financial situation in the family to buy fast fashion and show off each and every time!

Do you have any exciting plans for the near future your would like to share?

When it comes to blogging, I recently started a new initiative on thriftsheep.com and the topic “Vintage is the new black” and encouraged people to start writing letters again. I already found new pen friends around Bulgaria and Europe and I think this is pretty exciting. Also I’m on my way to absolutely zero-waste way of living and I’d like to share more about it because it is not quite popular and affordable in my country, Bulgaria.

You can shop Rada's favourite "No Planet B" organic cotton t-shirt here.

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