Plastic Free July

It's Plastic Free July - what are the issues and what can you do?

Did you know that plastic is designed to be one of the most durable materials, meant to last forever? That's great, however the issue is that most plastic we use today actually only have a life span of a few minutes, where the material itself is left to nothing once we are done using it.

These plastics become a permanent pollution on the planet, where it's neither being used nor is it breaking down. In the end, they end up either in land fills, or in our seas. Scientists are predicting that by 2050 there will be more plastics in our oceans that there will be fish. That's a pretty scary thought.

So what can you do? Plastic Free July is an initiative to help you take the steps towards living a life without single use plastics, and you will be surprised how simple changes can make such a great impact. You can head to their website to find out more, and they have created this handy illustration to get you started;

Here are our 4 favourite steps for you to get started;

1. Ditch the single use coffee cups and bring your own!

2. Fill your own water bottle with tap water, instead of buying bottled water.

3. Opt for paper straws, or bamboo straws - or ditch the straws completely.

4. Bring your own reusable bag instead of getting plastic bags in the shops, like the Jun-i tote bag!


To honour Plastic Free July, we are giving away a Bamboo Toothbrush with each order!

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