Female Artists to Add to Your Playlist This Month

Emerging or established, here's what we're listening to right now.

Kodie Shane

Chicago-born rapper-slash-singer was raised by music, having been brought up in a home immersed by music. Following her own path as the new face of teenage trap music, Shane has created her own lane to stardom, taking the Internet by storm with each drop.

Nicotine's Famous Honey

Brooklyn, New York-based Nicotine provides us with licks of soul, R&B, funk and early 2000s hip-hop. Her sound ranges from laid-back summer sensations to purely honest, soulful sounds.


Wafia’s intercontinental upbringing is evident in her dreamy, yet soulful sounds that play out in her electronic handiworks.


Having discovered her music in Wilderness Festival 2016, this girl is definitely one to watch (and listen to). The British singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist describes her sound as “post-punky hip-hop soul”.


From Bilbao, Spain, I first discovered her music at the 2017 BBK Festival, and have been following her since. With a rapidly growing catalog of self-released albums on Bandcamp, her genre is hard to define. With an electronic sound, mixed with trap beats, drum'n'bass influences and acoustic drums, her sound is completely unique. Listen to her in Jun-i's February Mixtape.

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