5 Underrated European Travel Destinations this Summer

Did you catch the travel bug? Looking for an easy getaway during the summer? Then read on!


With it's extraordinary volcanic landscape, Lanzarote is more than just resort. Rent a car to make the most of the island and it's nature, and stay on the north side to avoid tourist traps and to see the real Lanzarote. Bonus - the climate is enjoyable throughout the year!

The small island offers the best in nature, as well as long coast lines made for surfing.


Enjoy the perfect glass of wine in the evening, and endless sandy beaches during the day. Waves are ideal for beginners, and there are plenty of surf schools available to help you stand on that board in no time. Enjoy its accessibility of a small town, and it's rich culture and inspiring picturesque architecture.


Enjoy the best of Scandinavian summer while walking down the streets Vesterbro for vintage shopping, stop for an ice cream by Nyhavn, and enjoy lunch in the sun at Copenhagen Street Food. End the day in the Meatpacking district, with an abundance of restaurants and cocktail bars to choose from.


The forgotten island of Balearic islands, and according to us, the pretty one.

Indulge in beautiful beaches, clear blue water and constant sun. If you go during a weekend, make sure to look up the infamous town parties where each town on the island take turn to host a party each weekend. Expect horses, dancing and lots of pomadas.


Take a quick ferry ride from the outskirts of Stockholm, and end up in beautiful, untouched archipelago nature. Consisting of some 6000 islands, expect to see breathtaking nature, sea and experience total remoteness and disconnection. Rent a bike to make the most of the islands and its nature, road ferries will help you while island hopping!

A few words on conscious travelling;

Wherever you are in the world, remember to always minimize impact, build environmental and cultural awareness and respect. Treat the environment and the people as kindly as you would at home.